SCAMMED IN DERIV P2P by DCASHKENYA(seller's nickname)

Certainly, here’s the revised version:

I just got scammed by a p2p agent named GIDEON KIPKIRUI (nickname DCASHKENYA). After paying him via M-Pesa (0707184680, showing the name Caroline Rukaria), he confirmed receipt but told me not to click the “I have paid” button and to send my CR number via WhatsApp. Trusting him due to past successful transactions, I complied. However, he didn’t complete my transaction and ignored my calls afterward.

I reported the numbers (0707184680 and 0757276398) to Safaricom for investigation. I urge DERIV to take action by banning GIDEON KIPKIRUI and improving the reporting process. Inform users to always click “I have paid” and only communicate through the p2p platform to prevent similar scams.

Furthermore, I would like a refund or for the $5 to reflect on my account so that I can continue trading.

DERIV, please help to avoid further scams and protect your reputation.

Hello @actures-acheron-2, we’re truly sorry for the inconvenience. To make things right, our team has already reached out to you via email to address your case. If you have any further inquiries or issues, don’t hesitate to contact us through LiveChat. We’re here to help and would be delighted to assist you further. Thank you!

Your frustration with Deriv’s handling of scams is completely justified. It’s critical for any trading platform to take scams seriously and protect its users. Here’s a revised version of your concerns and suggestions:

It has become apparent that Deriv does not adequately address scams, leaving users vulnerable and unprotected. If I were to scam someone in the same manner that I was scammed on Deriv, what action would they take? Based on their current practices, likely nothing. This is a serious issue that undermines trust and security on the platform.

Deriv fails to confront scammers effectively. They do not investigate if other users have been similarly scammed or check patterns of fraudulent behavior. The platform lacks a specified place for reporting scams, making users feel unimportant and unsupported. This approach not only fails to protect users but also damages Deriv’s reputation. Continuing this way will likely lead Deriv to a negative outcome.

I find myself thinking that I could scam others without consequence, as Deriv takes no action, provides no awareness, enforces no punishments, and offers no place to report scams. I cannot engage in such behavior, but I am deeply upset by the lack of support.

Instead of deflecting blame onto users for not reading the terms, Deriv should:

  1. Create Awareness: Inform users about potential scams on the platform, especially in the peer-to-peer (P2P) market.

  2. Investigate Reports: Thoroughly investigate reported scammers, especially repeat offenders.

  3. Support Reporting: Establish a clear and accessible system, even if just a page or a priority in customer service, for users to report scams and fraudulent behavior.

  4. Verify Users: Ensure that users’ phone numbers are registered to their real ID to enhance accountability.

  5. Support Victims: Provide better support for scam victims, including potential reimbursement at the cost of the scammer, ensuring scammers are punished and implementing stronger security measures.

It’s crucial for Deriv to prioritize user security and trust. Improving these aspects will not only protect users but also enhance Deriv’s reputation as a reliable and secure trading platform.

Hello @actures-acheron-2, we’re truly sorry for this issue you are going through. Our team has already sent you an email to make this clear and are waiting for your reply.

If you have any further inquiries or issues, don’t hesitate to contact us through LiveChat. We’re here to help and would be delighted to assist you further. Thank you!