Sent USDT (ERC20) to the USDC (ERC20) Deriv Wallet

Hello, I once sent the wrong crypto (BCH) to my Bitcoin (BTC) wallet and I was able to recover it because it was using the same Blockchain and using the private keys I was able to scoop it out.

Today (May 17, 2022) Ive sent USDT (ERC20) to the Deriv USDC (ERC20) wallet. Is there a way that somebody from Deriv can recover that money out of the ERC20 blockchain?



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@Whiteteeth , Hello, because you made a previous mistake and got away with it, does not mean you will always get away with it.

You made a very big mistake sending usdt to usdc network.
Sorry, deriv cannot help. You have lost your money.

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Hi @Whiteteeth, for better assistance and protection of your account’s data. Kindly reach out to us via LiveChat. We’ll work with you to resolve any issues as quickly as possible.

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Taking the time to reply with negative and useless information doesn’t help anybody means you are looking for attention, and you obviously have no idea about how to recover funds of diferent cryptos that are based on the same blockchain like I do, which I HAVE DONE PERSONALLY in the past and is why im reaching out to them to see if they can check their access to their private keys. I would suggest that you drive your frustrations and useless negativity somewhere else.

Hi Kesya, im new to this forum, would you be so kind to guide me in the process of finding the “LIVECHAT”? I cant seem to find it in your platform.


Good luck locating your money. Next time be well educated to know the right network to use when sending such crypto.

First, I DID send the money in the right network, you didn’t even read my situation correctly. I sent the wrong coin, which is not the same thing.

Second, this had absolutely nothing to do with being educated or not, this is just the same as anybody having a car crash and you coming up with that smart a## comment about “being educated on how to drive”. Its called a human mistake, USDC and USDT vary on literally ONE letter and people with moderate dyslexia like me tend to have problems with that.

Just let it be and instead of judging people randomly online and just projecting negative comments, try adding value to them and helping others as much as you can with useful information.

Just like I plan to do if they locate the private keys and help me out scooping the funds from USDT to USDC from the ERC20 blockchain, I will let everybody in this forum know so that they can solve their issues if this happens to them.

Hi @Whiteteeth, please look for the LiveChat (chatbox) icon on the Deriv website as per the image above.

Or you can contact us via this link Contact Us | Online Trading |

did you get your money back?