Suspected fraud with Samsung & iPhone

I have two phones, Samsung and iPhone. Normally i would use the iPhone to all my transactions on Deriv but since ive gotten the Samsung ive been wanting to see how reliable it is on Deriv. I made a withdrawal with the Samsung and it gave me some trouble( took me through 2 browers, CHROME & EDGE) but it was successful in the end. This whole thing was done home on my internet, within the same hour i used my iPhone to make a deposit and it said in red “SUSPECTED FRAUD”. I only use my VISA DEBIT CARD. I dont have any other way to conduct transactions except my card. No STICPAY, BITCOIN ect. Most dont work in my region (Barbados) i hope Deriv can help me unclock my account it was an honest mistake and no its not my card cause ive made purchases with same card since then. Please Deriv help me

Hello @brankie-aftmost-2, we’re truly sorry for the inconvenience. To make things right, our team has already reached out to you via email to address your case. If you have any further inquiries or issues, don’t hesitate to contact us through LiveChat. We’re here to help and would be delighted to assist you further. Thank you!