Verification and increase withdeawal

How do I verify my account and increase the withdrawal limit

Binary/Deriv will ask you for verification when the time is right…

what is the right time and when ?

When any of your transaction limit (Such as transfer between account limit or withdrawal limit) is reached…

mine has reached, where can i pass to verify

Locate and click on the Menu bar… In the drop down list click on Profile then click on Authentication to upload the required documents.

Its advisable you upload a valid ID Card for proof of Identity then your Bank Statement Showing Your Address and Name for proof of Address… All this must tally with what you input when opening account with binary.

You will be required to take a real time selfie before the process can be complete.

I have submitted documents for verification but up till now no reply how long does it take to be verified on here

plss what is the official email address for support

how long does it take for verification

¿Cuá es el límite de retiro antes de autenticar (el monto aprox)?