Withdrawal processed but funds not received.

To whom it may concern (CR1377462 : 8199139 - 7/27/2020 6:36:29 AM)

It’s been more than 10 days now since I’ve used zingpay to withdraw.The withdrawal process was successful but funds has not reflected into my bank, till this date. Please help.

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I have the same issue

Call your bank and ask if payment was not made because Offshore payments have to be declaired to your bank before they can release them to your account. Call your Bank and ask tha they direct you to the FOREX DEPARTMENT - You should get your money within a few hours after having declaired.

Please I made a withdrawal order and I was debited without been paid for about 24 hours now and the money has left my account but wasn’t credited to any agent. USD Account

Same to me can u help coz I didn’t get the money which was withdrawn last month 24