Deceased Client

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In the case of a deceased client’s active account with a pending balance, should no relatives/heirs contact us for claiming the pending balance, the account is kept dormant and the balance is rescinded.

However, should any relatives/heirs contact us to claim the deceased’s remaining pending balance, the following requirements and documentation need to be provided in order to refund the money to the respective relative/heir:

  1. Documentation related to the relative/heir:

• Proof of identity document
• Selfie with proof of identity document
• Proof of address document
• Proof of relationship document (marriage/ birth certificate)
• A letter from the relative/ heir explaining that they would like us to transfer the funds to them, indicating their requested payment method and payment details.
• A letter from the solicitor /notary confirming the heir is entitled to deal with this inheritance.

  1. Documentation related to the deceased client:

• Proof of identity document of the deceased from relative/person contacting us
• Deceased’s will that reflects the inheritance details
• Death certificate

Note: All the above documentation is required to be notarized by a certified notary.

Hope the above information is helpful for everyone.

If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact our Live Chat support for assistance.