Funds have been deducted from my bank, but not being reflected in Derive account

I’ve tried to add funds via UPI (meant to be instant) and the money has been deducted from my bank account, but my Deriv account hasn’t been credited and it has been more than 5 days now. I’ve logged a ticket, but your livechat as well as the team that handles tickets sucks. They simply copy/paste canned responses, so I’m trying my luck, seeking help here in your forums. Maybe you’ll show better standards here, given that this forum is open to public and everyone can watch everything.

I’m missing $300 in two transactions of $150 each.
None of which has been credited to my Deriv account.

Ticket #3CJNV

Hi @abrased-abraser-2, thank you for joining our community! We are sorry to hear that your deposit has not been credited. Rest assured, our team is currently checking on your case and will get back to you as soon as they can. Thank you for your kind understanding and cooperation.

I know your team should be looking into this as there’s an existing ticket which I’ve shared in my post, but are they really making any progress? Deposit was made on 14th and it’s 21st. It’s been a week. Note that the deposit was made using UPI, which states that deposit via UPI is instant.

It has been over 15 days now. I’m still waiting for this issue to be resolved.

Hi @abrased-abraser-2. We are sorry to hear this. Upon checking, kindly be informed that it would take 5-15 working days for the funds to reflect on your account. If your Deriv cashier has yet to receive the funds after the 4th of September, you may get back to us, we will assist you accordingly by contacting the bank. Furthermore, kindly respond to the ticket or contact us via Live Chat for further assistance and protection of your account details. We thank you for your kind understanding and cooperation.