Information needed for the uncredited deposit

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If your deposit is unsuccessful and your funds have been deducted from your end. No worries, you can contact us for further assistance.

Before that, kindly ensure that you have all this information ready for our agents to check further on the uncredited deposit.

For uncredited deposit issues, we require proper proof of transfer/deposit from your payment method provider for us to check further. Please ensure your proof of transfer included the information below:

  • Sender name and account number/email address
  • Receiver name
  • Amount
  • Date and time of the transaction
  • Transaction ID/reference number

For bank transactions, we will need the Notification of Payments generated from the bank and contains the bank’s name and logo.

However, please note that for certain cases, the Proof of Transaction receipt can only be accepted subject to internal checks.

Please ensure that your funds have been deducted from your end before you proceed to contact us.

Kindly note certain payment methods’ deposit requires up to 15 working days to reflect on your Deriv account before we can assist to trace the funds. Below is the listed payment method:

Bank transfer
Mobile Payments (MTN, MPESA, Vodafone, Orange, Airtel, Tigo, Zamtel)
SolidPyco (former SolidPayWave)

Disclaimer: The expectation time might differ for each transaction.

Hope this information helps :bulb:

If you have any questions, please visit our Help Centre or contact us via Live Chat and WhatsApp.

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My cashier is locked i want to unlock it


Hello @arcings-adwards-2, we regret to note this. However, we would need to check further on your issue. Therefore, kindly reach out to us via LiveChat, for better assistance and protection of your account’s data. We’ll work with you to resolve any issues as quickly as possible.

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Salut deriv
J’ai fait une transaction de 65 dollars sur mon compte de trading il y’a quelques heures mais j’ai toujours rien reçu … Je l’ai fait pas MTN money côté d’ivoire
J’ai rien reçu sur mon compte

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hi derivative I made a transaction of 65 dollars on my trading account a few hours ago but I still have not received anything … I did not MTN money côte d’ivoire I haven’t received anything on my account

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Dear @cakiest-agapeic-2 , thank you for joining our community! We are sorry to hear this. We would need to check further on your case. Therefore, to assist you further in regards to your case, kindly reach out to us via LiveChat, for better assistance and protection of your account’s data. We’ll work with you to resolve any issues as quickly as possible. Thank you.

I have placed ba withdrawal for $15 in ltc and I’ve still not received anything to my wallet.Withdrawal almost an hour ago

Please check for my transaction

Hi @alemana-acritol-2 , we apologize for any inconvenience caused. Thank you for allowing us to investigate your feedback further. We’re pleased to inform you that the issue has been resolved in your favor. If you encounter any further problems, please don’t hesitate to contact us via Live Chat or WhatsApp. Thank you for your understanding!

Have you get issues for your problem finally? I got the same problem since yesterday I have already make three withdrawal without receiving funds in my MTN mobile money account Cameroun

I credited funds via e wallet but it has not been reflected on my derive account three days now . Would you please reflect it or reverse the transaction .
My first time using deriv am not happy .

Hello @budmash-adrenin-2 , we’re truly sorry for the inconvenience. To make things right, our team has already reached out to you via email to address your case. If you have any further inquiries or issues, don’t hesitate to contact us through Live Chat. We’re here to help and would be delighted to assist you further. Thank you!

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Ola solicitei um saque dia 07 de fevereiro 2024 no valor de $12 usd para o id de rastreamento 45773190 via pix , e até agora não recebi, isso nunca aconteceu .Pode me ajudar ?No site de voçes diz que é 1 dia util , mas já faz 4 dias e nada

Olá @beefily-agaroid-2 , sentimos muito pelo inconveniente. Para acertar as coisas, nossa equipe já entrou em contato com você por e-mail para resolver seu caso. Se você tiver mais dúvidas ou problemas, não hesite em nos contatar através do LiveChat. Estamos aqui para ajudar e teremos o maior prazer em ajudá-lo ainda mais. Obrigado!