Information needed for uncredited crypto deposit

Hello Deriv Community,

If your crypto deposit is unsuccessful and your funds have been deducted from your end, you need to wait for 3 confirmations from your crypto wallet with your Hash ID.

For uncredited crypto deposits, we require proper proof of transfer/deposit from your wallet provider to check further. Please ensure your proof of transfer includes the information below:

  • Hash ID
  • Network
  • Amount
  • Date and time of the transaction
  • Deposit address (must be the same as your crypto cashier’s address)
  • Type of cryptocurrencies

Please ensure that your funds have been deducted from your end and the transaction is successful before you proceed to contact us for further checking.

Disclaimer: the expectation time might differ for each transaction.

Hope this information helps.

If you have any questions, please visit our Help Centre or contact us via Live Chat and WhatsApp.

Please are there any charges for making deposits with usdt or any other cryptos

Hi @cerates-alamoth-1, thank you for joining our Community. Please be informed that we don’t charge any fees for deposits and withdrawals however there are charges for internal transfers and you may check that on your Cashier page under the transfer section. At the same time, we highly suggest you check with your crypto wallet provider for any additional charges.