Spot the scammer, avoid a scam!

Dear Members,

We are persistent to ensure you are able to identify a scammer when you are contacted or faced with one. Scammers are getting very skillful and each of us needs to be vigilant. Here are some ways to spot a scammer:

  1. Promote a winning or a loss
    Scammers will approach you stating that you have Won a prize and there is a payout due to you. In order to receive it, they will ask for an initial payment like a fee to get your winning.
    There will be some who will say that there is a problem with your accounts and they will need to verify your account.

  2. Pretentious
    Scammers might use names that sound like the real name as they might have the technology to change the phone number that appears on your caller ID/ email address etc. So, this makes it easy for them to pretend to be from a business you know.

  3. Pressure you to act immediately
    The scammer will usually pester you to act quickly upon getting your attention. They will want to complete a transaction or the act of scam in a fast-paced transaction.

  4. Pay in the method of their choice
    Scammers will always request payment in the mode that best suits them. They will insist you use the same method that they prefer. They will even assure you that, that you can trust them as they are only helping you with the transaction.

Once you master the first step of identifying the scammer, remember these steps to avoid the scam :loudspeaker:

:warning:Don’t immediately click on links
When you get emails or messages with links, do not click them. Verify the information against the organization’s website. Ensure it a legitimate and if in doubt, refrain from making a regrettable mistake.

:warning:Don’t reveal personal information
Organizations will not request your personal details through other platforms and in public forums or pages. For security reasons, all confidential requests and issues should only be done via secure manner.

:warning:Don’t entertain unknown emails, calls and social media invites.
Block unknown calls, report suspicious emails, and refrain from befriending doubtful profiles on social media.

:warning:Don’t act in a rash
If you are being pressured to act as soon as possible, don’t do it! Legitimate organizations will give you time to make a decision, they will not force you to

:warning:Dont be afraid to discuss it
If you are unsure, talk to a trusted person like a family member, friends or the organization itself. It is best to talk about it and help you realize a scam.

:rotating_light: **Reminder ** :rotating_light:

  1. Deriv/Binary will never request a client’s personal details through another platform apart from LiveChat. For security reasons, all confidential requests and issues should only be done via LiveChat with our Customer Support Representatives.

  2. Admins in our official Telegram channel or Deriv Community will not seek your personal details via personal message. So, please refrain from sharing your account credentials with anyone to avoid complications.

  3. Our official email domain is If you have any doubt about the email received, you can always contact us via LiveChat to check with us

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