Depost to my account

I had my deriv account that was closed so I created the new one, can I use the bank account that I used in my first account??

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@banzais-acinary-2 ,. The procedure you used to close the account is important.
So how did you close the account?

I deactivated it after my deposit and withdrawal to be disabled

@banzais-acinary-2 ,. You only deactivated the account and not closed it totally.
So you cannot use that same bank account or else if deriv finds out later, your account will be blocked.

In other to close the account finally, you need to send a mail to deriv support directing them to close the account because you do not have the required time to trade anymore.
Deriv will accept your request and reply you, notifying you that it has been closed.

My account was first disabled then I deactivated it

@banzais-acinary-2 ,. Follow the steps I put there and close that account totally.

Muy buenas noches buena pregunta estoy tratando de hacer un depocito bporbmedio de artim pero no me sale la opciones

@ascrive-acrasia-2 ,. si no tiene airtm en la lista, elija otro de esa lista y haga su depósito.