Proof of Address keep Failing

Problem with proof of address!
My proof of address keep failing even though I attached required document (Bill) with address details.
On the Bill are the same details as on my Deriv account. And the Bills is 1 month old. How do I resolve this? Live Chat is a robot with no options for my particular problem.


Dear @ashkoko-aerotow-2, We regret to note this. Our Customer Support is available 24/7, kindly reach out to us via LiveChat, for better assistance and protection of your account’s data. We’ll work with you to resolve any issues as quickly as possible.

When I try to do livechat, the chatbot talks to me, which does not help me resolve my problem. How do I speak to an actual support person(human) via livechat?

Hi, @ashkoko-aerotow-2. We regret to note that. That might be due to there being no available agent at that moment. We would recommend that you try at on later time for your chat to be transferred to a live agent to assist with your issue accordingly. Thank you.

Am also having this same problem. My proof address verification has failed but the deriv website doesn’t allow me to submit a new proof of address to verify and my account is restricted.

Problema con el comprobante de domicilio! Mi comprobante de domicilio sigue fallando a pesar de que adjunté el documento requerido (factura) con los detalles de la dirección. En la factura aparecen los mismos detalles que en mi cuenta Deriv. Y los Bills tienen 1 mes. ¿Cómo resuelvo esto? porfavo Ayudanme O DERIV NOS ESTAFO

Hola @clastic-agonies-2, ¡gracias por unirte a nuestra comunidad! Lamentamos saber que tiene un problema con la autenticación de su cuenta. Puede consultar el artículo siguiente para conocer los documentos aceptables para autenticar su cuenta:

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