Problem with proof of address

Hi all.

I have a problem with proof of address, i just send two of my invoices one of my car insurence and other of my cable tv and internet provider and none of that are accepted.

I dont know what else to do…


@bridles-abacist-4 ,. Send your bank statement, which shows your address you used on deriv and it will be accepted.


What do you mean by bank statement?

I use online banking and i have no documents with my address from de bank.

@bridles-abacist-4 ,. Don’t you have a bank account you opened where you reside, apart from online bank?

Then visit the bank and get bank statement of your account. Take a snapshot of it and upload to deriv.

But if you don’t have, then there is nothing that can be done again.

I have a Potuguese bank account (caixa de crédito agrícola) but a bank statement Will not show my address.

A quinta, 18 de nov de 2021, 23:08, acritan abluent 2 via Deriv community | Resources | Deriv <> escreveu:

I have my cable TV, internet provider invoice with my name and address. But i dont know why is not valid

A quinta, 18 de nov de 2021, 23:12, Luís Serrano <> escreveu:

disculpa tengo varias semana aqui en san antonio del tachira de visita, cerca de frontera entre venezuela y colombia, por ende este no es mi sitio como tal de residencia, solo me recomendaron esta plataforma y queria depositar, lo que pasa es que el wifi que alquilo es colombiano por ende me marca como que si estuviera en colombia, no permitiendome hacer el deposito hasta tanto no verifique la cuenta, me piden recibos que no poseo porque como tal no vivo aquí sino en santa teresa del tuy venezuela… que debo a ser… por favor

sino tendre que perder dicha cuenta, no me sirve…

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Thank you!

hi guys i need help. My proof of address is pending and i do not remember uploading it. i wanted to send in a new one. i need to trade but there is restrictions on my account. how do i upload a new proof of address when it states verification pending. should i wait for that period first?

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Hey I’m also experiencing the same thing and it’s been over 3 days since my account has been restricted, I can’t place trades and neither can I upload a new proof of address cause I don’t remember uploading anything yet it says I uploaded and it’s pending verification

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